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quarta-feira, maio 25, 2005

Também se discutirão imagens...

«Call for papers for 'Language, Communication, Culture' que se irá realizar na Universidade de Évora de 23 a 25 de Novembro de 2005. Para mais informações consultar: http://www.lcc2005.pt.vu/

Announcement and Call for Papers

The 3rd International Language, Communication, Culture Conference, to be held in Évora, Portugal, November 23-25, 2005, offers an opportunity to bring together academics, intellectuals and practitioners in the areas of media and cultural studies and the social sciences and humanities from around the world and to promote informed discussion on globalisation, democracy and culture as a theme relevant for intellectual work in language, communication and culture studies, research and practice.

The Conference is organised by the staff and associates of the 'Culture
and Society' Postgraduate Programme (University of Lisbon, Faculty of
Letters) International and interdisciplinary perspectives and papers are invited

1. The languages of globalisation, the languages of culture:
- The politics of language learning and language hegemony in a global
world; - The languages of democratic international cinema;
- The languages of documentary and humanist photography;
- Languages and (cultural) identities; performative languages of gender and race;
- Narrative models of Media discourses as a 'fast-food' culture

2. Globalisation and democracy in global communication:
- The Media, the West and the Rest; globalisation / glocalisation
strategies and tactics in the Media;
- Journalism and war; the Media and terrorism; the Media and human
- Press freedom and (democratic) self-regulation;
- The Media and alternative (and independent) politics;
- New Media and new democracy.

3. Globalisation and culture:
- Globalisation and cultural internationalism: Learning / Unlearning
dominative global discourses and practices;
- Negotiating meaning across cultural differences and in multicultural
discourses; forms of democratic participation in formal and informal
communities of cultural practice and shared languages;
- Cultural knowledge in the Information Age: Learning how to acquire,
transfer, produce and use cultural knowledge effectively and in
- Processing cultural knowledge in the informational society;
- New cultural mediators/intermediaries.

Full information on keynote speakers, submission deadlines, standard
and "early bird" fees, etc., is now available online at

(informação disponibilzada por Luís Filipe B. Teixeira)
José Carlos Abrantes | 11:10 da tarde |