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terça-feira, abril 27, 2004

Sociology of Mass Media & Communications

5 a 7 de Novembro, Salónica, Grecia

Papers até 25 de Junho de 2004

Call for papers

Sociology of Mass Media & Communications
Network conference
Call for papers

As we have done for several years now the Network will hold a meeting between the biennial conferences of the ESA. This year’s meeting will take place in Greece, due to the kind hospitality of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

The details are as follows:

Dates: November 5th to 7th 2004
Place: Thessaloniki, Greece.
Title: New Directions in European Media
Eligibility: All members of the ESA and all social scientists with an interest in social scientific understanding of media and communications.
Arrangements: Delegates will be self-financing. There will be no registration fee. Local accommodation and meals will be supported by our hosts and will not be expensive. A small amount of money is available for support for younger scholars and for scholars from countries or universities where support is unlikely to be available. It must be stressed that the sums available are very small, and the conference committee will need to be very selective in allocating such funds. Anyone likely to need any such support should in the first instance send a brief explanation of the cause and scale of their need for support to Peter Golding.

Our title invites papers on any aspect of media or mass communications in Europe. We are especially interested in papers addressing new or comparative dimensions of this field, and which deploy innovative approaches from sociological or social science understanding to relevant problems. We also welcome papers which relate the changing character of Europe itself to media and communications issues – is there an emerging European public sphere beyond the national? How do we understand changing supra-national formations and activities in relation to communications and media? Empirical research and theoretical discussion are equally welcome.

It is anticipated that the best papers presented may be published by the host organisation, but also will be submitted, if suitable, as a special issue of European Societies, the journal of the ESA. Conference Programme Committee: Comprises the Network officers (Peter Golding, Peter Ludes, Rossella Savarese) plus Dr. Sophia Kaitatzi-Whitlock of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Submission of Abstracts: Abstracts of papers to be presented at the Meeting should be submitted electronically to Sarah Rawson in Loughborough (S.H.Rawson@lboro.ac.uk) by June 25th 2004. Abstracts must be no longer than 250 words. The author’s full contact details and current position should be sent with the abstract. Further information about the Research Network may be found at the research network website
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