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sexta-feira, abril 29, 2005
IMAGENS: Educação para os media

Recebido do European Observatory of Media Education

"Dear colleagues,

The website of the Media-educ program is still online and still living ! The current events concerning media education in Europe and beyond are often kept up to date.

Moreover, we have just created on the website a new rubric called « research » and we would like to better identify this entry in answer to your expectations. This rubric registers media education researches, at university or not, that have been developed in Europe. The 4 lists (Belgium, France, Great Britain, and Italy) already on line are, of course, far from being exhaustive. We are sure that many other researches exist in Europe.

As you are an actor of media education, you probably know some researches that can enrich this new rubric. In the interest of everyone, thanks to communicate them to this adress : news@media-educ.org

For a better efficiency, we recommand to indicate for each research, the title, the authors, the name of the organism or the university (and the level : PhD work, Master work), the date and if the research was published.

Don’t forget to let us know the events you organize or you participate in. And continue to inscribe new actors in the Observatory for a cooperation in the best conditions.

Thanks to transfer this message to your networks !"
José Carlos Abrantes | 11:22 da manhã |