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quinta-feira, janeiro 19, 2006

Para a impressão de um jornal não é uma atitude fácil. Gina Lubrano, provedora do San Diego Union-Tribune, conta o que se passou naquela noite em que os familares dos mineiros soterrados passaram do júbili ao despero. De facto, uma notícia circulou dizendo que os mineiros estavam vivos. Passado algum tempo a notícia era de que os mineiros estavam mortos e só haveria um sobrevivente. A correcção na imprensa escrita é mais morosa e complexa do que na rádio e na televisão.

"Before I went to bed Tuesday night, I heard on the 11 o'clock news that 12 of the 13 miners were alive; their loved ones were euphoric. My heart went out to the family of the man who had not survived, but I went to sleep thankful for the miracle for the others.

When I turned on television news the next morning, I heard that joy had turned to despair when it was learned only one man had survived, and he was in critical condition.

Because I knew the world thought the miners were alive as of the Union-Tribune deadline Tuesday night, I opened my Wednesday newspaper uncertain about what I would find. When I saw the headline: "Only one survivor in W.Va. mine tragedy," I knew colleagues had gone into overdrive to bring readers the updated story."
José Carlos Abrantes | 5:43 da tarde |