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sexta-feira, abril 18, 2003

Cheguei ao CINEMA2000 por sugestão do João Lopes. É um site muito forte em cinema. Basta dizer que na zona da crítica, se contei bem, tem mais de 70 filmes em análise. Aí estão mesmo os de estreia mais recente como Às segundas ao Sol…
E há um aspecto muito interessante que é o de, em cada crítica, haver um link para o site oficial do filme. Assim pude ir ao site de Bowling for Columbine . Nele encontrei as respostas às perguntas mais frequentes, um modo de acrescentar informação ao filme. Logo, um "mais" para melhor compreender as imagens.
Q. Is that bank that hands out guns for real?
A. Yes. North Country Bank (with branches throughout Northern Michigan) offers you a wide choice of guns when you open up a certificate of deposit account. In effect, they are giving you all of the interest the account will earn in advance in the form of a gun. The bank is also an authorized federal arms dealer so they can do the quick background check right there at the bank. I put $1,000 in a long-term account, they did the background check, and, within an hour, walked out with my new Weatherby-just as you see it in the film. (I did have a choice of getting a pair of golf clubs or a grandfather clock, but they didn’t have either of those hanging on the wall like they did those three rifles). I learned about the bank’s gun offer from an ad in the local paper that showed a gun across the top with the heading, " More Bang for Your Buck" from North Country Bank. I still have the account and the gun to this day (though I plan to legally "auction" off the gun for charity, and creatively have it destroyed-more on that later!)

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